City of Fragments is a game about magic, storytelling and choice. You’ll join a diverse group of characters with their own goals and help (or hinder) them as you explore a world turned inside out by the sudden appearance of magic.




The world wasn’t always this way. People used to live on the surface, not in sprawling tunnels beneath the earth.

There were no wandering monsters, no mana-starved golems, no crazed hunger cult, and there were no voices whispering secrets to you in your dreams.

There were no walking cities, animate machines, shape-changers, or schools for magic… there wasn’t even magic to be taught about in schools. And without magic, there was no paradox. No terrible storms fueled by impossibilities or things that shouldn’t be, but are.

So how did it all happen? Well, that’s the story isn’t it?




City of Fragments uses a turn-based battle system reminiscent of classic JRPGs with a few modern twists thrown into the formula.

Combat takes place between groups of 1-4 characters or monsters. A character’s position, weapon, items and abilities all play into their role in a fight. A heavily armored knight wielding an axe makes for an ideal front-row fighter, while a lightly armored archer is best suited to the rear-guard.

City of Fragments revolves largely around the appearance of magic in the world, and the combat is no different. Spells are available to every character, and bring a great deal of utility and variety to each of them. The real hook of the battle system lies in the shared mana system, where every combatant draws from the same resource pool for casting their spells. Magic is everywhere, and can be freely drawn upon by anyone - but not without consequence.

Casting too many spells can cause damage to reality, creating paradox effects. These can effect the battlefield and combatants in a variety of ways. Sometimes dangerous storms will causes damage to the combatants, or casting spells may draw from their hit points instead of the available mana. The worst of the effects will summon monsters, or even rip the spell caster into another dimension.




City of Fragments takes place in a world drastically changed by the appearance of magic. It was heralded by a calamity that all but ruined the surface of the planet - driving almost all of humanity into sprawling underground cities. Those that remain on the surface do so in an effort to explore and map out the strange new world. A process made more difficult by landscape that seems to change with each visit, and new dangers born of the calamity.

In City of Fragments you’ll visit a fantasy world born from the ruins of the planet gone wrong. You’ll visit underground empires, walking cities, magical forests and the ruins of the old world changed into something else entirely. You’ll meet societies that have adapted to their new surroundings, some better than others, and you’ll make decisions that will leave lasting changes on those you visit.



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